BP Celebration - Vincent Curutchet Zoom

BP Celebration

Vincent Curutchet

Fine Art print
Baryta Hahnemühle 315g
Alu mounted print
Hanging bars
Gap Frame
Black/White/Oak wood
Acrylic print
Aluminium brace

62,50 €

LocationLes Sables d'Olonne, France
Prints issueLIMITED EDITION 30 prints ONLY
Shooting date19 Janvier 2017
Original pictureDigital
FormatsLarge format
CollectionVendee Globe
Vincent Curutchet
Vincent Curutchet

Vincent Curutchet is an extremely versatile photographer, a technician in constant search for new ideas, as much as an artist. We recognize his style "almost instantly" and his new artistic adventures make question for many people. From the updating of 3D photos, but here we are talking about sport in action, to offbeat works of light painting based on military leds, going through giant mirrors. He likes nothing but using very old techniques, but with ultra modern tools ... a little bit tinkered! It is the archetype of the photographer of sports: from F1 to sailing, via WRC and cycling .. plus plus !

He started at the photo lab, at DPPI, in the 90s, in love with Black & White, he quickly became one of the major photographers of this great agency of sports photos before going independent.

On this January 19th, 2017, the joy of having finally won his bet invades Armel Le Cleac'h, skipper of Imoca Banque Populaire. He has reached his grail, winning the mythical race, the Everest of sailing, the Vendée Globe! We start from a point A, to return to the same point A, without assistance, solo, non stop, after crossing the three capes, Good Hope, Leeuwin and the famous Cape Horn ...
After finishing second twice, behind the gifted Michel Desjoyeaux and François Gabart, it is his turn to climb on the highest step of the podium, having fought for 74d 3h 35min 46sec, with one of our "best enemies", Englishman Alex Thomson and his Hugo Boss, just 16 hours behind ...

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BP Celebration - Vincent Curutchet

BP Celebration - Vincent Curutchet

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