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Icy Moment 1

Van den Heede

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Location62° South
Shooting date2nd february 1990
Original pictureNegative
FormatsLarge format
FormatsLarge format
CollectionVendee Globe
Van den Heede
Van den Heede

"I was born June 8th, 1945 in Amiens.

Aged 17, I sail and become at 20 years old monitor at the famous Glenans center. After several crewed racing, teaching parallel mathematics and navigation, I moved to Lorient in 1971. Monitor for high seas cruises, weekends or organizing regattas for companies, I then started my sailing career . Since 1989, at sea or ashore, my life is entirely devoted to sailing."

Jean-Luc is modest as he finished 3rd in the first Vendée Globe 1989/1990 on "3615 MET", then 2nd in the 1992/1993 edition on SOFAP HELVIM. So 2 podiums in the first two editions where adventure was even more extreme than today. He is still the record holder of the Global Challenge, better known as the World Tour "reverse", from east to west against the prevailing winds and tried by not many skippers. Record broken on March 9, 2004 in 122 days, 14 hours, 3 minutes and 49 seconds.

1990 February the 1st, first Vendée Globe.
There is no limit at this time and I went down to 62 ° south. I even expected to keep going till 65 °
I spot a large and impressive tabular from a distance, my first iceberg.
Then the following day, ice is multiplying and I spend a second frightening night. At the beginning of this second night I take my first photo. (the one with the 2 small wind turbines) (Ref "Icy Moment 1")
The 3rd in the morning, after two full days without any sleep, I allow myself a nap. When I wake up, an iceberg is dead ahead, the light is superb. I hardly change the driver to move closer and I take 2 more pictures. (At this time we did not "shoot endlessly": it is films). With hindsight it was a little crazy to go so close because you never know the shape of the iceberg under water. When we know that 9/10 is not visible I could very well have hitten the keel with the submerged part of the iceberg. But it made it !
Today the race committee limit the descent towards the south and boats sail ten degrees northern.

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Icy Moment 1 - Van den Heede

Icy Moment 1 - Van den Heede

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