Welcome to the new GALLERY area of ​​Sails & Rods!
For the majority of the photos presented in the other categories, these are limited editions of very beautiful photos from press reports, published or not, and not accessible to the "general public" before today. Our favorite fields are CAR, MOTORCYCLE, BOAT, PLANE and ESCAPE (this last term mainly evoking seaside atmospheres), all at reasonable prices so that a maximum of you can enjoy it !
While respecting this initial philosophy, this GALLERY space goes further by offering you truly unique works, representing the vision of artist photographers. These photos offer chromies, techniques, supports and formats chosen by the artist himself to give birth to a work. These are no longer "extracts" of reportage, but original creations.
Their format, their even more limited number of editions and their adapted price required that we reserve a place for them a little apart.

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