Wally Ghost 01 - Thomas Campion Zoom

Wally Ghost 01

Thomas Campion

Fine Art print
Baryta Hahnemühle 315g
Alu mounted print
Hanging bars
Gap Frame
Black/White/Oak wood
Acrylic print
Aluminium brace

62,50 €

LocationSaint Tropez
Prints issueLIMITED EDITION 30 prints ONLY
Shooting date2 Octobre 2017
Original pictureDigital
FormatsPortrait orientation
Thomas Campion
Thomas Campion

46 years old, independent photographer since 2004, married, two children
I grew up in Trouville-sur-Mer and I started taking pictures of boats very early with the film camera that my mother had given me. But when I think about it, I came to photography by chance. I was actually taking photographs in a professional way, for Magazine Magazine in particular, but the digital era has acted as a revealer. Without costing too much money, it allowed me to try things. The "sea world" from which I come has been a great source of inspiration in forms, colors and proposals. I drew my inspiration from there, as an autodidact, without having followed any particular training. It's the world of the sea and my job as a journalist in the boating industry that pushed me to be creative. Thus, it encouraged me to release images other than those that I used to see from my colleagues. I think that by distinguishing myself in this way, I developed my artistic sense.
I leave today more room for spontaneity, according to what I see and imagine. Some themes are recurrent such as sailing, women and materials. I put the technique at the service of my artistic process by mixtures of materials and long poses. My goal is to intrigue the person in front of my photograph. I like to create doubt in photography. It's about being at the crossroads between painting, drawing and photography. I always try to find the image that will make the difference. I'm not trying to produce, I'm looking for an idea.
My practices have evolved according to my eye and my maturity. I do not take pictures to take pictures. I like to have an idea in mind and manage to do what I want. I've had, for a year, a specific theme in mind. Always looking for new ideas, I stay on the lookout for what I could photograph. I can not redo the same pictures, I need to evolve.

During the Sails of St-Tropez 2017, Tango, last born of Wally of 100 feet, makes rounds off Pampelonne.
The lack of wind does not offer many options for the photographer to create dynamic images. This is where the creativity of the pros starts, and Thomas Campion had the idea to test a very long posing time to release this plate.
Like a ghost ship, "Tango" appears only in the form of stylized features, as if caught in a thick mist. The ability to turn a photo into a work of contemporary art.

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Wally Ghost 01 - Thomas Campion

Wally Ghost 01 - Thomas Campion

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