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Corsair 22

Studio Cui Cui

Fine Art
Rear Holding Cardboard
Passe Partout
Cadre EtainN/
Impression Plexi
Caisse Américaine Alu
Noir ou Blanc

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LocationIle de France
Prints issueLIMITED EDITION 30 prints ONLY
Shooting date8 septembre 2019
Original pictureGlass Plate
FormatsPortrait orientation
FormatsPortrait orientation
CollectionNoir et Blanc
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Studio Cui Cui
Studio Cui Cui

Together, Aude and Sébastien created the Studio Cui Cui to sign their joint work with the same hand.

Passionate about know-how and the world of work, they like to photograph the beauty of gesture and materials. They thus design complete photographic and editorial projects for the press, but also for luxury houses, craftsmen, designers and manufacturers for the production of brochures and books. Their know-how lies in their ability to work quickly in environments as varied as a high-tech company or a craftsman's workshop.
But their passion for craftsmanship goes further, and that's what got Sails & Rods interested. They indeed propose to find the gestures, the tools, the materials of the first photographers, and to discover the astonishing silver technique of the wet collodion and the large format camera, in particular in the universe of their great passion which is aviation.

Location: Melun-Villaroche
Illustration of a row of old planes. A Corsair, made famous with the general public through the television series "Heads Burning", with Pappy Boyington as hero, but also a P47 and other models in the background.

(from an original ambrotype in 20x25cm format made by Aude Boissaye & Sebastien Rande / Studio Cui Cui - Camera shot and wet collodion process on glass, dating from the end of the 19th century)

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Corsair 22 - Studio Cui Cui

Corsair 22 - Studio Cui Cui

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