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Bol d'Or Show

Dominique Bresson alias "Dodo"

Fine Art print
Baryta Hahnemühle 315g
Fine Art
Rear Holding Cardboard
Alu mounted print
Hanging bars
Gap Frame
Black/White/Oak wood
Acrylic print
Aluminium brace

62,50 €

Prints issueLIMITED EDITION 30 prints ONLY
Shooting date12 Septembre 1970
Original pictureNegative
FormatsLarge format
Dominique Bresson alias
Dominique Bresson alias "Dodo"

I started taking photos at 10 or 11 years old with my father's old 6x9, then with a Brownie Flash and finally a Voigtlander. Relatively few photos by the way because the prints were expensive and my parents were not Cresus...
In December 68, with my first pay, I bought an Edixa and I do not know what else as optics.
Then a Pentax camera, gradually a range of lenses and a second camera (not very practical the 42 to change the screwed focal...).
As I worked for JP Drexler ("Les Motards", made entirely in his appartment, photogravure in the bathroom ...), I started, at the end of '69, to have press passes, then after with "La Moto", even "L'Equipe" via Bussillet, until the end of '73.
After, well, I knew the one who would become my wife for a few years, so no more money to spend ...
It must be said that at the beginning (I started a job at the CII), I was reimbursed for my professional miles, and as in late 70s I had bought a Capri 2300, forcing "a little" on travel, my personal miles did not cost too much ... But after they forced everyone to have a Renault 4L, and even if I managed to make 18 months of resistance, I was obliged too ... despite my 2m and 100kgs (ich ) !!
After I changed all 42 material for OM2 Olympus. Happiness…

But in 85, I moved into my Malakoff space, and no more opportunity to make negative and prints: Impossible to have a black black! So slides. And in 2002, friends bought me a small digital camera, because they needed various photos for an auctioneer. An Olympus, of course ... From one thing to another, I upgraded to my current E-3 and all the range of pebbles and flash "that go well" ...
Anecdote: At the time, I bought the 24x36 in rolls of 16m, which I had to stick, wind and cut at night, under the covers ... Of Tri-X and a lot of HP5.
On the Monday night of a race weekend, at night, I was developing films 6 by 6 and the rest of the week, I spent part of the night printing the photos that, the following weekend, I sold to my regulars. " Sometimes it paid a full tank for the Capri. But only one, alas ... But that was just for the races in France. The photos in England were for the eyes ... And the archives!
In 2006, I had a "big" PC (well, compared to the Pentium of the time ...) and bought a "big" HP scanner, which could digitize A4 by transparency, so 4 strips of films or 4 series slide. This allowed me to scan all my negas and slides (except those "stored" somewhere ...) and build a digital archive today available for you at Sails & Rods!

Bol d'Or 1970- Montlhéry - On the handlebars of their Ratier, the CRS provide the show before the start of the Bol. The author of the jump rides an English bike.

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Bol d'Or Show - Dominique Bresson

Bol d'Or Show - Dominique Bresson

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