Salon Rétromobile 2023 - Sails & Rods

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Salon Rétromobile 2023 - Sails & Rods

1 month later, it was time to share with you our great experience of the Rétromobile 2023 show. You will find some images of the stand, as if you were there, with some nice encounters.

- Isidore Delgrosso on the one hand, motorcycle mechanic, who recognized his father in our photo "Ravito Clope", taken during the Bol d'Or 1971 in Monthléry

- Then the one with "Jack" Krine, worldwide star amongst old aircraft pilots.

Our posters have been a great success, especially with Americans, with their "je ne sais quoi" of French vintage atmosphere.

The contemporary works of Johan Vandenberghe also, some owners wishing to have a print of their collection / racing car made by this artist.

Finally, the launch party for the new LORIGE watch (our partner) made from the brake pads of Ayrton Senna's 1973 McLaren MP4/8, the AS01 - only 8 examples and equipped with a tourbillon movement, met with great success at the Legacy / Fouquet's concept store, with a day at the 24 Hours of Le Mans and a Sails & Rods photo won by a lucky winner drawn from among those present.





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