5 Postcards Serie BOAT 1

Sails & Rods

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5 Boat Cards
Black Enveloppe
5 Boat Cards
Brown Enveloppe

20,83 €

LocationCf Photo description online
Prints issue100 lots
Shooting dateCf Photo description online
Original pictureState of the Art paper 330gsm
Formats10x15 cm
EraCf Photo description online
ColorsCf Photo description online
CollectionBoat Cards
Sails & Rods
Sails & Rods

Under this logo you will find all our products derived from our most beautiful photos, as well as some Gift Vouchers.

This collection starts with 2 lots of postcards, each consisting of 5 pictures emblematic of the diversity of events and styles represented by Sails & Rods.

True to our passions, you will find a BOAT and a CAR & BIKE series, as well as vouchers valued from 75 to 235€.

Here is a brand new product designed to please all of you who wish to access our exclusive photos at a small price.

Whether you want to send an original postcard to your friends, decorate your coffee table, desk or even send a gift to your loved ones at a very affordable price, look no further.

These cards are printed on high-quality 330gsm paper, with a laminated finish on the image side and matte on the reverse side for better writing.

This very first series is made up of the following photos, which you can purchase of course, in large format, in our online gallery:

- San Marco Racer © Henri Thibault

- Blessed Boss © Mark Lloyd

- Dragons Crayons © Stephanie Billarant

- Marina inverted © Jean-Marie Liot

- Preserved © Andrea Francolini

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5 Postcards Serie BOAT 1

5 Postcards Serie BOAT 1

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