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Panhard Dyna Z

Jean-Pierre Hossann

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Fine Art print
Baryta Hahnemühle 315g
Alu mounted print
Hanging bars
Gap Frame
Black wood
Acrylic print
Aluminium brace

75,00 €

LocationPolisot, France
Prints issueLIMITED EDITION 50 prints ONLY
Shooting dateOctober 19th, 2013
Original pictureDigital
Jean-Pierre Hossann
Jean-Pierre Hossann

I was very quickly attracted by cars. From the age of 3, in 1965, I already had a small collection of plastic Norev miniatures at 1/43rd. The Simca Aronde, Peugeot 403 and other Renault Frégate had no secrets for me. Perched on the back seat of my father's blue Citroën ID 19, I had fun identifying the cars that followed us. A real game!

It's in high school, in Strasbourg, that I meet three car's enthusiasts: Christophe, Michel and François. The four of us are an atypical group of young model collectors at 1/43rd. We are in 1978, a very successful year for us, with well-stocked exchanges. Two years later, I landed my license at the age of 18, and in the process I buy a gray A 112 Autobianchi.

With Christian, an exceptional car enthusiast, we have the idea in 1984 to create a club: the APAS (Amicale of Automobile Passionists of Strasbourg). The goal: to move in France, but also in Germany, Switzerland and Italy, to attend concentrations and make many photos. Notably Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati, Aston Martin: four essential brands in our eyes.

In the spring of 1986, by chance, I'm having a look at the magazine Auto-Passion in which I learn that the editor is launching a "best article" contest. How to participate: tell a story around the automobile, full of photos. Providential: with my friend Christian, we had just gone to Switzerland, in search of thrills. With fresh memories in our head: a Ferrari concentration in Italy, and a quick stay in Switzerland into the garage Graber. In his shop window, five Ferrari 288 GTO brand new. The icing on the cake: Back in Strasbourg, by the German city of Kehl, here we come face to face with a test prototype Porsche 959 stopped at an Aral gas station. Photos! Banco: I won first prize in the Auto-Passion contest. What if I report in the future, at a steady pace? In 1987, I offered my services to the editorial staff of La Vie de l'Auto.

Ok for them and for me! Since then, I have continued to go to events and to collectors at the international level.

In early December 2009, I have a revelation for the hidden side of the scenery: wrecks abandoned in nature. Robert, a passionate friend of old cars, contacted me and asked me if a forest with 300 wrecks was in my rope. On December 10, we are both in Châtillon, Belgium. Extraordinary!

Passionate about cars, but also photography, I was in heaven ! The click: Polisot in 2011 and 2013, then Brazey in 2016 was a new Eden for me. The one where rust and moss reign supreme. Now, I was going to hunt wrecks along with other followers of this exciting discipline. Objective: to magnify Sleeping Beauties in pictures.

Polisot 2 : the break of the century?

It was indirectly thanks to Robert, a car enthusiast friend, that I discovered this timeless place, a village located in Aube. In December 2009, at a monthly meeting of old, he put me in the mouth with a break to discover in Chatillon, Belgium. Action - reaction: at the beginning of 2010, a complete article of my pen appears in The Life of the Auto. In the autumn, I receive a call from Patrick, an active member of a vintage car club in Strasbourg. He asks me if I am still interested in wrecks. Oh yeah ! And here is the story that would mark a turning point in my course as a wreck hunter. Patrick had made a coach trip with his club, heading to the salon of Reims, in the spring. En route, the driver missed a motorway exit and had to resolve to take the next, joining Reims by small roads departmental. On the way, a few bus occupants suddenly scream: stop! Placed in height, they had just spotted a huge break scattered in a forest. Just the time to identify some Simca 5 and other pre-war rust-ridden, and here they go again after a few minutes, without taking pictures. The driver was in a hurry!

Of course I asked the crucial question: where was it? Patrick was unable to give me specific information, but by cross-checking, I came to understand that the famous place was located near Troyes. The old-fashioned, I buy the Michelin map 1/200 000e concerned and I realize the obvious: Polisot is well this famous village. Going through the White Pages, I come across a garage. I call immediately, and his owner does not take long to answer me: yes, the case is well located near his home. Luckily, he was a faithful reader of La Vie de l'Auto and he had read my article on the Châtillon case. Without making any promises, he assured me that he was going to talk to the owner of the place.

Coup de theater January 31, 2011: on my way to La Vie de l'Auto in the Paris region I get an unexpected phone call from Patrick who informs me that Mr. Martin, owner of the case, was ready to me receive the next day. And to say that the 1st of February is my birthday, what a beautiful gift! On the spot, Mr. Martin, with confidence, gives me carte blanche to take photos. In the space of three hours, from 1:30 pm to 4:30 pm, I shot hundreds of shots. A date to engrave in the marble: my most beautiful discovery to date.

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Panhard Dyna Z - Jean-Pierre Hossann

Panhard Dyna Z - Jean-Pierre Hossann

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