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Ready to Fly

Johan Vandenberghe

135 x 90
Sublimation on 1mm sheet

4 158,33 €

Prints issueVERY LIMITED EDITION : 8 prints + 3 EA (Artist Proof)
Original pictureDigital
FormatsLarge format
CollectionFlashy and Monochrome
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Johan Vandenberghe
Johan Vandenberghe

When passion takes over and becomes an art of living. . .

Working in both monochrome and color, Johan captures images that stand out for their compositional originality and precise use of focus. His goal is to create a timeless work of art that encourages the viewer to consider the subject in a new light.

Although his work spans all sorts of themes, from travel photography to portraiture, he is best known for his classic car artwork, each shot bringing the curves and creases of our favorite machines.

His photography-based artworks, which are presented in limited editions on premium materials, have been exhibited throughout Europe and are collected by enthusiasts around the world. Almost all of the works in this collection are printed in large formats, and use a sublimation process on 1mm sheet metal.

Like all the works in the "Flashy" and "Monochrome" collection by the artist Johan Vandenberghe, this print is obtained by a process of sublimation of colors at very high temperature, inked on a 1mm sheet. A rear frame allows you to install the work on the support of your choice.

Mercedes 300 SL Coupé 1955 - 6 cylinders in line - 2996 cc - 215 hp - 4-speed manual gearbox - max speed 250 km/h - 1295 kg - colour: Red -

This car still has its engine fairing and its original Rudge wheels, which gives it a unique character!
Associated with the rivets of a no less mythical Sea King helicopter, this graphic composition will give its full potential displayed in large in your living room or your office.

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Ready to Fly - Johan Vandenberghe

Ready to Fly - Johan Vandenberghe

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