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Dispersion R23

Bruno des Gayets

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Fine Art print
Baryta Hahnemühle 315g
Alu mounted print
Hanging bars
Gap Frame
Black wood
Acrylic print
Aluminium brace

62,50 €

LocationParis Studio
Prints issueLIMITED EDITION 50 prints ONLY
Shooting dateJuin 2004
Original pictureDigital
Bruno des Gayets

Circuit of Charade, French F1 Grand Prix.

The day before my father gave me my first camera, a Kodak Instamatic 25, it cost 10 francs (€ 1.50), film Verichrome Pan 12 black and white poses included! I'm 11 years old, I'm going to enter my "fifth" (french class), no way to miss this first report ...

After some improvements in the framing, hours in the darkroom, a military service and a BTS advertising-marketing, I'm in Paris, I'm 22 years old and decided to become a professional photographer during the presidential elections of 1981 ... since the adventure continues!

"Puzzle image" of the famous Renault Formula One R23. (It was to be called R203, but Peugeot had filed all the names with a 0 in the middle ...). It's a real naked racing car that you can see in this picture taken by Bruno des Gayets. Hours of work to disassemble, place, light etc. and sort with the engineers what was demonstrable ... or not!
The second 100% Renault car since their return to F1 as a Team, is signing the arrival of the young Spanish driver Fernando Alonso, who will have replaced Jenson Button, who left to BAR. Engine wide open, at 111 ° (the classic angle was 90 °), to lower the center of gravity of the car, the blue and yellow cars are in the points from the first Grand Prix of the season. In Malaysia, Alonso becomes the youngest poleman in the history of F1, then win the Hungarian Grand Prix, Renault's first victory since his return. With style since it will have even taken 1 lap to Schumacher and Trulli ...
The Renault F1 Team will become World Champion in 2005 and 2006.

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Dispersion R23 - Bruno des Gayets

Dispersion R23 - Bruno des Gayets

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