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Mousse DS 02

Jean-Pierre Hossann

Fine Art print
Baryta Hahnemühle 315g
Alu Direct Print
Hanging Bars
Alu mounted print
Hanging bars
Gap Frame
Black/White/Oak wood
Acrylic print
Aluminium brace

62,50 €

LocationBrazey, France
Prints issueLIMITED EDITION 30 prints ONLY
Shooting dateApril 7th, 2016
Original pictureDigital
FormatsLarge format
Jean-Pierre Hossann
Jean-Pierre Hossann

I was very quickly attracted by cars. From the age of 3, in 1965, I already had a small collection of plastic Norev miniatures at 1/43rd. The Simca Aronde, Peugeot 403 and other Renault Frégate had no secrets for me. Perched on the back seat of my father's blue Citroën ID 19, I had fun identifying the cars that followed us. A real game!

It's in high school, in Strasbourg, that I meet three car's enthusiasts: Christophe, Michel and François. The four of us are an atypical group of young model collectors at 1/43rd. We are in 1978, a very successful year for us, with well-stocked exchanges. Two years later, I landed my license at the age of 18, and in the process I buy a gray A 112 Autobianchi.

With Christian, an exceptional car enthusiast, we have the idea in 1984 to create a club: the APAS (Amicale of Automobile Passionists of Strasbourg). The goal: to move in France, but also in Germany, Switzerland and Italy, to attend concentrations and make many photos. Notably Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati, Aston Martin: four essential brands in our eyes.

In the spring of 1986, by chance, I'm having a look at the magazine Auto-Passion in which I learn that the editor is launching a "best article" contest. How to participate: tell a story around the automobile, full of photos. Providential: with my friend Christian, we had just gone to Switzerland, in search of thrills. With fresh memories in our head: a Ferrari concentration in Italy, and a quick stay in Switzerland into the garage Graber. In his shop window, five Ferrari 288 GTO brand new. The icing on the cake: Back in Strasbourg, by the German city of Kehl, here we come face to face with a test prototype Porsche 959 stopped at an Aral gas station. Photos! Banco: I won first prize in the Auto-Passion contest. What if I report in the future, at a steady pace? In 1987, I offered my services to the editorial staff of La Vie de l'Auto.

Ok for them and for me! Since then, I have continued to go to events and to collectors at the international level.

In early December 2009, I have a revelation for the hidden side of the scenery: wrecks abandoned in nature. Robert, a passionate friend of old cars, contacted me and asked me if a forest with 300 wrecks was in my rope. On December 10, we are both in Châtillon, Belgium. Extraordinary!

Passionate about cars, but also photography, I was in heaven ! The click: Polisot in 2011 and 2013, then Brazey in 2016 was a new Eden for me. The one where rust and moss reign supreme. Now, I was going to hunt wrecks along with other followers of this exciting discipline. Objective: to magnify Sleeping Beauties in pictures.

Brazey: the temple of the DS

In March 2016, the editorial staff of La Vie de l'Auto contacted me giving me information of choice: the upcoming dismantling of a wreck site in Brazey, Côte-d'Or. The formula: an auction. Before it unfolded, it was wise that I go there to discover the site and tell its story. Jean-Pierre, his owner, was conquered by the idea: here I am in his company. Better guarded than a castle: high palisades, roasting everywhere, and guardians of choice, two German Shepherds. A real privilege for me: against all odds, I can caress the dogs, put in confidence by my friendly contact with Jean-Pierre. At the end of the preliminary discussion, here we are on the site, with Peugeot 203, Fiat 500, Citroën Ami 6 and other Ford Capri among many others. In total, 200 vehicles will be for sale! Grouped in the center of the site, they emit a funny impression: their last breath?
Amazed to see only one Citroën DS, I ask him why. His answer is amazing: "The DS, what a story! I even planned to build a real pyramid of DS. If you like this car, there is quite a bit of it in the forest behind the building. "I did not pray: actually here are a good twenty DS, invaded by vegetation since the 1970s. A unique show! The saddest: the next day, they will all be removed to join the other cars for auction.
The most beautiful: a DS caught in the middle with a lift, folded net, the chassis devoured by rust. She will remain in this acrobatic position only a few hours, then will be destroyed.

A rare moment: extraordinary!

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Mousse DS 02 - Jean-Pierre Hossann

Mousse DS 02 - Jean-Pierre Hossann

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