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Ago Rungis

Michel Montange Alias "Micou"

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LocationRungis, Paris
Prints issueLIMITED EDITION 50 prints ONLY
Shooting dateOctober 22nd, 1972
Original pictureNegative
Michel Montange Alias
Michel Montange Alias "Micou"

Born in March 1948. First two-wheelers in 1965, motorcycle license in November 1966 ... I quickly became part of a motorcycle club that included several national speed bikers, so frequenting Monthlery and I immediately bathed inside the bike's world in general, and racing in particular, which began to bubble after a big hollow period. A level missed in 1967 and photo school in 1968/69, so, randomly, photos of motorcycles. In this same motorcycle club, Jean-Pierre Drexler creates the monthly magazine "Les Motards". This is where my first picture appears, then my first report on a run at Mallory Park. The fact of having immediately bathed in the racing world made me live together since the beginnings with all the future French champions: Rougerie, Ravel, Pons, Balde, Fau, Leon, Chemarin etc .... 1970, the army, just deserter a weekend not to miss the Grand Prix de France at Le Mans. January 1971, my first job: journalist photographer at Automoto, created by Michel Hommel, who will become Moto Journal at No. 42 in autumn 71. I left at the end of March 2008 when I retired, with some infidelities at the beginning with the monthly mag "La Moto" (Hommel), "Sport Moto" (Bussillet, Beau, Rouge, Boulme) and "Moto 1" (the aptly named, number 2 has never been released). Very present in speed and endurance at the beginning, I turned towards trail and enduro when the phenomenon appeared in France, but my main job was photographer for bikes tests. I took a break from a few years in the mid-70s during which I realized paintings ... motorcycles and helmets pilots.

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A motorcycle race in the Halles de Rungis, with all the stars of that time ... It is not a legend, it is the reality and this race took place on October 22, 1972. Length of 4.108 km , the "track" had been drawn between the sheds and straw boots were used to delimit the circuit. Small precision, for the safety of the pilots, the organizers had covered the plates of sewer by tar !!!

The races were won by Pasolini in 250 cc, Kent Anderson in the first round "Free Formula" and Barry Sheene in the second round "Formula libre". Kent Anderson won the final.

There was also a race of sides and it is the crew Chris Vincent / Mick Casey who prevails on their hitch Münch.

The star Agostini, here pushing his Agusta on the start line, made the move in spite of the reluctance of the leaders of MV, but after the fall of Ago, "pushed" by Mike Gant, the factory decided to pack up , while Ago had no injuries ...

An even bigger drama took place in the evening. A terrible fire ravaged Jack Findlay's caravan. Thinking he was inside, Dave Simmonds, 125cc World Champion, was badly burned trying to save his friend ... He will die the next day.

It was after this race that Paris bikers got into the habit of coming to Rungis on Friday night.

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Ago Rungis - Michel Montange

Ago Rungis - Michel Montange

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